Minimalist wallet projects are flourishing on crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo and we have featured quite a few interesting ones. However, truly innovative slim wallet designs on these sites are rare with most projects going for minor design improvements but staying with the tried and tested leather wallet or aluminum plates base designs. That is why we were really intrigued when Tom Bender contacted us to let us know about the ACE Minimal Wallet which gives the minimalist wallet a fresh new look and design.

Firstly, the ACE Minimal Wallet is made from ultra thin but super tough 420D nylon. Not only is this nylon material ideal for a slim wallet, it also allows the designers to offer the wallet in various colors and designs plus to have different colors for the inside and the outer side of the wallet.

Of course, the other unique property of the ACE Minimal Wallet is that the wallet is made from a single sheet of laser cut nylon sheet that is folded together without using glue or any stitching. Interestingly, the wallet will be shipped flat with instructions included on how to fold and construct your own wallet. The designers went through well over 100 different wallet designs before settling on the final design. This is what we call dedication!

The ACE Minimal Wallet has two card pockets on either side of this bi-fold design wallet. Each pocket holds about 4 cards. You can also use it for storing cash along with the cards. In time, as the wallet gets worn in, you should be able to stuff in another 1 or 2 cards. Cards and cash stored are held securely by the design of the wallet but at the same time easily inserted and removed from the card pockets.

As of this post, the ACE Minimal Wallet project is still short of its funding goal on Kickstarter. If you want a truly unique minimalist wallet that is ultra thin and comes with DIY instructions on how to fold your very own wallet, head on over and pledge your support.

Where to Buy ACE Minimal Wallet

ACE Minimal Wallet

The ACE Minimal Wallet is ultra-thin, durable, clever, and great to use wallet that is folded from a single sheet of nylon requiring no glue or stitching.

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