Best Slim Wallet is founded by Roy Yap, a die-hard geek and lover of gadgets. This site is a spin off from gadget site GetdatGadget after discovering the popularity of minimalist or slim wallets on the site.

Slim wallets are fast gaining popularity not just among the tech savvy crowd but in general. Besides the convenience of not having to carry a bulky and heavy wallet with you, there is also the added health benefit of not putting yourself at risk of getting chronic back pain due to sitting for long hours with a big fat wallet in one of your back pockets.

Whether you are an existing minimalist wallet user looking to replace your current wallet or a newbie wanting to dip into the world of the minimalist wallet lifestyle, there is something for you. From wallets that allows you to keep just the bare minimum to “starter” slim wallets that allow you to almost transfer everything from your fat wallet to your slim wallet while keeping a slim profile. We have the whole range of them. From aluminum plate wallets to bamboo wallets to paper wallets. We have them too.

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