The whole idea about minimalist or slim wallets is not about making your wallet slim by having to empty out your wallet in order to buy a slim wallet. Slim wallets, just like a traditional wallet comes in all shapes, sizes and of course prices. Many slim wallet designs including some that we feature on this site carry a hefty price tag. The main reason for this is that most slim wallets are designed by independent designers and manufactured in small quantities. Small batches usually result in higher prices.

However, as slim wallets gain in popularity, we are starting to see wallets that are mass produced and thus resulting in budget friendly prices. If you have been turned off from adopting the minimalist wallet lifestyle due to high prices, Best Slim Wallet has picked five starter slim wallets that have thrifty price tags of under five dollars.

Classic PU Man Wallet

The design of the Classic PU Man Wallet is very much like that of the Charbonize X leather wallet. It is a bifold wallet with card pockets on the inside flaps plus it has a spring type money clip. The main differences are this wallet is made from PU artificial leather and its budget friendly price is well below our budget ceiling of $5.

You can opt to store your cash using just the money clip or slip it behind the card flaps for better security. Using just the clip does make it much easier to ruffle through your stored cash and pick the bills that you want.

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Vertical Thin Card Wallet

The Vertical Thin Card Wallet has similarities with the Alpine Swiss Money Clip wallet except that it does not come with the money clip. It is basically a card sleeve type wallet with two vertical pockets and a horizontal pocket on both sides of the wallet. There is plenty of space and compartments for you to organize your wallet.

In between both sides of the wallet is a larger cash compartment. You can of course store your cash in any of the other slots but the cash slot is slightly larger and therefore bills stored in it won’t stick out.

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Vertical Thin Wallet

The Vertical Thin Wallet has the most traditional wallet design among the 5 wallets featured in this article. It has a classic bifold design with a ID window on one side of the inner flap and 3 card slots on the other. Cash is stored in a wide cash compartment that spans the width of the wallet.

Although it has a very classic design, the Vertical Thin Wallet still has fairly slim dimensions at less than 0.2 in thick when empty. If you want a cheap slim wallet that functions pretty much like your current fat wallet, this is the wallet for you.

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Horizontal Card Wallet

The Horizontal Card Wallet is similar to the Vertical Thin Card Wallet but it has 3 horizontal slots on both sides of the wallet instead of the vertical ones. There are a total of 6 card slots plus the cash compartment in the center. Both wallets are fairly similar and the orientation of the card slots is just a matter of preference.

Incidentally this is also the cheapest wallet on this list as it is currently on sale at time of posting with a massive 70% off its normal retail price.

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Horizontal PU Leather Short Hard Money Clip

The Horizontal PU Leather Short Hard Money Clip is most similar to the Y&G wallet with the familiar money clip band that can be seen from the outside. However the inside construction of the wallets are different. This wallet has 2 vertical card slots plus a flap compartment on one side. The other side has the money clip plus another vertical card slot.

We like the idea that you can choose to use the money clip to store your cash or you can slip the bills into the flap. Either way works fine and holds the bill securely. The flap compartment can also be used for holding your cards.

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