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Slim 360 Wallet

The Slim 360 Wallet is the 360° reversible bi-fold wallet with optional RFID blocking. Secure, slim, minimalist wallet for everyday carry.

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Tyni Wallet

The Tyni Wallet is designed with pockets to meet everyday needs, while maintaining the appearance and quality of a high end wallet.

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Trayvax Summit Minimalist Wallet

Following a minimalist design, the Summit wallet consists of just two components and is designed to carry only what you need everyday. All with the quality materials and American craftsmanship you expect from Trayvax.

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Distil Union Wally Bifold

Wally Bifold from Distil Union is the minimalist leather wallet with the innovative pull tab system for quick access to all your cards.

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Invisible Wallet

The Invisible Wallet is a minimalist wallet, extra light and thin for a dynamic lifestyle, designed for those who want to bring along only the essentials. It is more than just a slim wallet. It is a whole wallet eco-system.

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Frenchie Wallet

The Frenchie Wallet features a quick access cash slot plus a card slot with a pull tab for access to your cards without even opening the wallet.

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Vaultskin Manhattan

Minimalist wallet are often quite fanciful and many don’t look anything like a traditional wallet. What if all that you wanted is a simple leather wallet that is both elegant and tasteful, minus all the frills such as pull tabs and money clips? We think we have... read more

Ebax Wallet

One of the great things about minimalist wallets is how wallet designers come out with creative wallet designs that really challenge most people’s perception of what a wallet looks like. The Ebax Wallet is a new elastic type sleeve wallet that gives the usually... read more


If you are familiar with slim wallet designs, you no doubt are aware that plate wallets generally have very simple designs. At the very core, they are nothing more than just 2 credit card sized plates held together with an elastic band. So simple that you can even... read more

Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet

The Lucca Bozzi Solar Wallet is rather unique minimalist wallet because when it comes to features, it is definitely not minimalistic. This Italian styled bi-fold leather wallet not only has a built-in power bank that can be used to charge your mobile devices but it... read more

Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet

If the Pitaka Carbon Fiber Wallet looks very familiar to you, you probably have seen or heard of the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet or maybe even the iMoney Trackable Wallet, 2 wallets that we have reviewed previously. All three wallets have one thing in common. They are... read more


The Key2Wallet is yet another product that is not a wallet but rather a wallet accessory that is designed and targeted at slim wallet users. Now that we have banished our keys from our slim wallets, what is the best way to carry your keys with you? The standard way... read more

Volo – The Non Wallet II

The Volo leather slim wallet, nicknamed the Non Wallet II, is an elegant and classy looking wallet that is crafted by hand. Designed and created by Jon Lee, the wallet is an update of Jon’s original wallet that was successfully crowdsourced back in 2015. Jon has... read more

Vessel Wallet

In order to have a wallet that is as thin as possible, many minimalist wallets have as few card compartments as possible thus forcing users to put multiple or even all their cards into a single slot. What we all need is a minimalist wallet that allows us to quickly... read more

Cavity Card

For the very first time, we are reviewing a product that is not a minimalist wallet. Don’t worry, we are not straying too far from the path. The Cavity Card is a wallet accessory. In fact, it is an accessory that is specifically designed for certain slim wallet... read more

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